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Milton Coplan Award

Wise Old Owl Award

The Milton Coplan and Victor Politano Resident Debates were created to give the Residents from Universities in Florida and Puerto Rico the opportunity to come the FUS Annual Meeting and debate on relevant topics in Urology today. Debating allows the Residents to improve their critical thinking skills, while also having a bit of fun! Residents of all years are encouraged to attend and represent their school at what the FUS calls the debates a robust, and animated experience enjoyed by all.

  • 2023

    1stMiranda Eubank, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
    2ndKyle Michelson, MD
    3rdJosh Bitran, MD &
    Carlos Rivera Lopez, MD
  • 2022

    1stSamir Merheb, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
    2ndTimothy Juwono, MD & Diana Lopategui, MD
    3rdDevon Thomas
  • 2021

    1stElizabeth Nagoda, MDMount Sinai Medical Center
    2ndGiovanni Gonzalez, MD
    3rdJerry Echevarria Mendez
  • 2020

    1stHiroko Miyagi, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
    2ndAaron Dahmen, MD
    3rdLaura Horodyski, MD
  • 2019

    The resident programs did not occur due to weather concerns.
  • 2018

    1stKatherine Cockerill, MDMayo Clinic Jacksonville
    2ndRoss Simon, MD
    3rd (tie)Jennifer Kuo, MD
     Patricia Maymi-Castrodad, MD
  • 2017

    1stJohn R. Moore, MD Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
    2ndRamphis Morales-Lopez, MD
    3rd (tie)Michael Ahdoot, MD
     Ajaydeep Sidhu, MD
  • 2016

    1stAlexander Boyle, MD University of South Florida
    2ndJulia Han, MD
    3rdDemond Adamu, MD
  • 2015

    1stRicardo Gonzalez, MDUniversity of South Florida
    2ndRafael Yanes, MD
    3rdRam Pathak, MD
  • 2014

    1stAndrew Davidiuk, MDMayo Clinic
    2ndJustin Emtage, MD
    3rdJuan Chippolini, MD
  • 2013

    1stDaniel Martinez, MDUniversity of South Florida
    2ndDavid Alonzo, MD
    3rdAbby Taylor, MD
  • 2012

    1stRyan Hutchinson, MDMayo Clinic
    2ndBryan Allen, MD
    3rdDavid Alonzo, MD
  • 2011

    1stJacob Jorns, MDMayo Clinic
    2ndPaul Bradley, MD
    3rdKatie Corbyons, MD
  • 2010

    1stDiana Kang, MDUniversity of Florida
    2ndAdam Clemens, MD
    3rdManuel Omar Cruz, MD
  • 2009

    1stDaniel Willis, MDUniversity of Florida
    2ndKaveh Besharat, MD
    3rdAdam Clemens, MD
  • 2008

    1stTimothy LeRoy, MDMayo Clinic
    2ndRyan Turpen, MD
    3rdBradlee Johnson, MD
  • 2007

    1stNgoc Bich Le, MDUniversity of Florida
    2ndOmar Hamoui, MD
    3rdDaniel Carsuo, MD
  • 2006

    1stTheodore Brisson, MDMayo Clinic
    2ndArturo Cohen
    3rdCarl Biscoff