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Victor Politano Award

The Milton Coplan and Victor Politano Resident Debates were created to give the Residents from Universities in Florida and Puerto Rico the opportunity to come the FUS Annual Meeting and debate on relevant topics in Urology today. Debating allows the Residents to improve their critical thinking skills, while also having a bit of fun! Residents of all years are encouraged to attend and represent their school at what the FUS calls the debates a robust, and animated experience enjoyed by all.

  • 2023

    1st (tie)Trisha Nguyen, MD University of Florida, Gainesville
      Jordan Smith, MD University of Florida, Gainesville
    3rdClaudia Bernaschina Rivera, MD
  • 2022

    1stAustin Krishinger, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
    2ndMichael Massari, MD & Camille Torres, MD
    3rdMichael Tradewell, MD
  • 2021

    1stMarc Abboud, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
    2ndAgmad Imam, MD & Michael Tradewell, MD
    3rdMichael Maidaa, MD
  • 2020

    The debates did not occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 2019

    The resident programs did not occur due to weather concerns.
  • 2018

    1stGeorge Wayne, MD
    2ndJonathan Katz, MD
    3rdRamphis Morales-Lopez
  • 2017

    1stKatherine Cockerill, MD
    2ndMaurilio Garcia-Gil, MD
    3rdVanessa Ortiz Hernandez, MD
  • 2016

    1stMaurillo Garcia, MD
    2ndBlake Noennig
    3rd (tie)Jonathan Pavlinec, MD
     Jose Saavedra, MD
  • 2015

    1stRussell Terry, MD
    2ndBarrett McCormick, MD
    3rdJoan Delto, MD
  • 2014

    1st (tie)Abby Taylor, MD
     Akira Yamamoto, MD
    2ndNorman Colon, MD
    3rdno 3rd place
  • 2013

    1stJavier Castillo, MD
    2nd (4-way tie)Scott Castle,MD
     Rishi Modh, MD
     Ryan Hutchinson, MD
     Michelle Paceco, MD
  • 2012

    1stAdam Clemens, MD
    2ndJavier Castillo, MD
    3rd (tie)Joseph Pugh, MD
     Jacob Jorns, MD
  • 2011

    1stDiana Kang, MD
    2ndAdam Clemens, MD
    3rdLawrence Jenkins, MD
  • 2010

    1stTimothy LeRoy, MD
    2ndBryant M Whitnig, MD
    3rd (tie)Samir Shirodkar, MD
     Kelly Swarts, MD
  • 2009

    1stCharles Vincent, MD
    2ndRyan Turpen, MD
    3rdChristopher Gomez, MD
  • 2008

    1stLawrence Yeung, MD
    2ndChristopher Gomez, MD
    3rd (tie)Ngoc Bich Le, MD
     Kristopher Whitehead, MD
  • 2007

    1stDarius Unwala, MD
    2ndOmar Hamoui, MD
    3rdPatrick Villicana, MD
  • 2006

    1stShawn West, MD
    2ndCarl Biscoff, MD
    3rdBrian Cohen, MD