HomeAwards Victor Politano Award 2014


  • 2023

    1st (tie)Trisha Nguyen, MD University of Florida, Gainesville
      Jordan Smith, MD University of Florida, Gainesville
    3rdClaudia Bernaschina Rivera, MD
  • 2022

    1stAustin Krishinger, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
    2ndMichael Massari, MD & Camille Torres, MD
    3rdMichael Tradewell, MD
  • 2021

    1stMarc Abboud, MDUniversity of Florida, Gainesville
    2ndAgmad Imam, MD & Michael Tradewell, MD
    3rdMichael Maidaa, MD
  • 2020

    The debates did not occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 2019

    The resident programs did not occur due to weather concerns.
  • 2018

    1stGeorge Wayne, MD
    2ndJonathan Katz, MD
    3rdRamphis Morales-Lopez
  • 2017

    1stKatherine Cockerill, MD
    2ndMaurilio Garcia-Gil, MD
    3rdVanessa Ortiz Hernandez, MD
  • 2016

    1stMaurillo Garcia, MD
    2ndBlake Noennig
    3rd (tie)Jonathan Pavlinec, MD
     Jose Saavedra, MD
  • 2015

    1stRussell Terry, MD
    2ndBarrett McCormick, MD
    3rdJoan Delto, MD
  • 2014

    1st (tie)Abby Taylor, MD
     Akira Yamamoto, MD
    2ndNorman Colon, MD
    3rdno 3rd place
  • 2013

    1stJavier Castillo, MD
    2nd (4-way tie)Scott Castle,MD
     Rishi Modh, MD
     Ryan Hutchinson, MD
     Michelle Paceco, MD
  • 2012

    1stAdam Clemens, MD
    2ndJavier Castillo, MD
    3rd (tie)Joseph Pugh, MD
     Jacob Jorns, MD
  • 2011

    1stDiana Kang, MD
    2ndAdam Clemens, MD
    3rdLawrence Jenkins, MD
  • 2010

    1stTimothy LeRoy, MD
    2ndBryant M Whitnig, MD
    3rd (tie)Samir Shirodkar, MD
     Kelly Swarts, MD
  • 2009

    1stCharles Vincent, MD
    2ndRyan Turpen, MD
    3rdChristopher Gomez, MD
  • 2008

    1stLawrence Yeung, MD
    2ndChristopher Gomez, MD
    3rd (tie)Ngoc Bich Le, MD
     Kristopher Whitehead, MD
  • 2007

    1stDarius Unwala, MD
    2ndOmar Hamoui, MD
    3rdPatrick Villicana, MD
  • 2006

    1stShawn West, MD
    2ndCarl Biscoff, MD
    3rdBrian Cohen, MD