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Membership Categories

Active Membership

(a) Receipt of a MD or DO degree at least five years before membership; (b) The applicant shall be eligible for the American Board of Urology or the American Board of Osteopathic Surgery and provide proof as same; (c) Letters of recommendation from two members of the Florida Urological Society; If the applicant is a member in good standing in the American Urological Association (AUA) and the Southeastern Section of the AUA, Inc. (SESAUA), letters of endorsement will be waived. (d) Attendance at an annual meeting within two years following the filing of his/her application and; (e) Limit his/her practice to teaching or clinical practice of urology.

Associate Membership

(a) Physicians residing in the State of Florida who limit their practice or have a special interest in Urology, may be nominated for Associate Membership; (b) Application for Associate Membership must be recommended by the Membership Committee and endorsed by the Executive Committee; (c) May apply for active membership when they fulfill the requirements.

Young Urologist Membership

A practicing Urologist in the State of Florida who has (a) completed residency within the last three calendar years and (b) receipt of a MD or DO degree at least 5 years before membership.

NP/PA and Administrators Membership

NP/PA and Administrators membership is available to practice mangers, physician assistants and nurse practitioners specializing in urology and not otherwise eligible for membership in the FUS. Application and renewal of membership requires sponsorship by an active or senior member of the FUS. NP/PA and Administrators members shall have all the privileges of active membership, but cannot hold office or vote.

Candidate Membership

(Annual dues waived)

A resident currently in training in the Urological field in Florida, will be elected upon completion of an application and receipt of recommendation from the Chief of the residency program.